Find Your Wedding Style in 7 Steps: Part One

Oh What Love Find Your Wedding Style Part One | Iowa Weddings

When I first started Oh, What Love Studios, I came up with an offering that helped brides find their wedding style in just 7 days.  It’s been a while since I shared the process of finding your style, so today I’m sharing part one of a two part series.

Your wedding should not be the same as the wedding held at your venue the week before. It doesn’t have to be decorated with floating candles in centerpieces set atop mirrors in the center of the table. It should ooze your personality and style. It should have your special touches and show the humor of your groom. When your guests walk into your reception, they should have no question that it’s your reception.

That’s why I’m sharing my tips on how to build your wedding day around who you are as a couple – both together and individually. Because you want to remember it as being one of the most special days of your life.

Your wedding style consists of these things:

– Color
– Decor
– Overall feel and personality of the day
– Music
– Food
– Memories you want people to have of your wedding

Before we dig into the steps, here are some major things to consider
when planning your wedding style:

– Your hobbies
– Your personal style
– Where you find inspiration
– Your favorite colors
– Things that make you smile or laugh



Step One: Inspiration Online

Start where it make sense – Pinterest! If you have a Pinterest account, create a board (or a few boards) dedicated to wedding planning. If you have any ideas in mind about what you want for your wedding, do a quick search for those and start pinning. If you’re not sure where to start, look up the profiles of some wedding blogs – Oh, What Love, Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, Ruffled Blog, 100 Layer Cake & Green Wedding Shoes all have lots of wonderful boards and pins that you can use as a jumping off point. Or visit your the websites of your favorite stores and try to envision how you could merge some of the things you love about those places into your wedding day. Pin those things that inspire you.

Work on pinning 25 to 50 images to get yourself started, and try to be a little picky. Before you pin an image, think about why you like it and if it really feels like ‘you’. Because Pinterest is full of amazing ideas and inspiration, you can get caught up in pinning things that aren’t your normal style or aren’t realistic to your vision. Try to really stick to things you absolutely love or can see incorporating into your wedding day.

Throughout your engagement, continue to look for images that inspire you in your wedding planning. Keep in mind your hobbies, favorite stores, favorite memories, favorite places and your personal style when you’re choosing photos. The more of your personality you infuse, the more memorable your day will be.



Step Two: Share Your Story

Everyone loves to share their story. And when it comes to your wedding, sharing your story is so important in getting started with planning. Your past has made you who you are as a couple and there’s no better way to find your wedding style than to look back on your relationship at the exciting and fun parts.
Oh What Love Find Your Wedding Style Worksheet | Iowa Weddings
In this step, you’re going to download this worksheet and fill it out. Tell the story – you know, the one about how you and your hubby to be met, fell in love… and especially how he popped the question. Now’s your time to shine. In the space provided, share those special moments about how you met, your first kiss, how you fell in love and how he
proposed to you. You’ll be happy you did this, you’ll want to remember these special times forever so it’s important to document them while they are still fresh in your mind. These stories will be useful if you set up a wedding website or create a wedding book as well – you’re just getting a head start!

And don’t worry about being a NY Times editor! Just write these stories down like you would write a diary entry.

Download the worksheet here.

While you’re thinking of your stories, also go and find your favorite photos of the two of you together and add them to an album on Facebook. You’ll have all of your favorites in one place to use for wedding slideshows or your wedding website.



Step Three: A Color Story

Color is a very important part of your wedding day. Narrowing down your color palette will help you make better decisions about decorations and accessories.

Some things to think about: 

– What colors make you happy?

– What colors inspire you?

– What colors compliment your personality?

Use Adobe Kuler or find more ideas on my Theme Thursday Pinterest board to start looking for color schemes that you think would work well for your wedding.

Once you choose your colors, the decoration, bridesmaid dress and flower decisions all get a little bit easier because you have a palette to follow.



Those are your first three steps in finding your wedding style, stay tuned for steps 4 through 7 coming soon!

What has been your biggest struggle in finding your wedding style? Share in the comments!

For more wedding inspiration, visit Oh, What Love on Pinterest! 

Feature photo credit: Image by Eric Yerke | Design & Styling by Oh, What Love

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