Featured: The Meet Up Guide!


A few months back (who am I kidding, it’s been close to a year now…) my lovely friend Ciera of Ciera Design reached out to me about contributing to an ebook she was putting together on how to successfully hold a series of local events.

I was excited to contribute because I love planning and throwing parties, and I knew Ciera’s vision for this thing was going to be great – she’s an awesome designer and hosts a great series of events in New Orleans called the Made in Mind Social.

And so, The Meetup Guide was born. In her book she covers it all, and I get to share my tips for hosting events alongside some big names in the creative world like Cheslea Foy and Shauna Haider.

It’s seriously full of good stuff – from what type of event you’re going to throw to how to promote it and what to do after – and everything in between! She seriously thought of it all.

Just looking through it makes me want to plan another event!

Make sure you head on over to The Meetup Guide website and check it out – the book is 20% off right now too, so if you’re thinking about starting an event and want to know the ins & outs.. nows the time my friend!

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