Featured: I Still Love Calligraphy Course from Melissa Epslin

We all have our bucket lists, right?

One of the things on my bucket list is to learn calligraphy & add it to my list of services. After metting Melissa Epslin of the blog I Still Love You, I  knew I needed to take this girl’s calligraphy course – her work is amazing.


When I got back from Alt, I signed up for the 30 day I Still Love Calligraphy course and fell in love – she walked me through every step of the calligraphy process, from the tools you need, the basic strokes and then how to put it all together with flourishes.

My calligraphy is still a work in progress until I can devote some serious time to practicing, but I love that I now know the basics and have the tools so I can practice whenever I want.

So if you’re dying to learn how to do calligraphy – you must check out Melissa’s course! Click here to go there now! 

And have an awesome Tuesday friends!





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