Etsy Faves: Vintage China

I’ve got a little obsession with vintage china – we didn’t register for a set of china for our wedding and I regretted it afterwards, especially after looking at how dainty and adorable the set my mom and dad got for their wedding was.

Justin and I scoured auctions for sets of china that we loved – and after seeing what sets were going for at auctions I was so happy that we hadn’t bought a set from a store because the prices were seriously low – we got 2 full sets of china complete with cups, saucers, platters + a gravy boat for $17.

And if you love the delicate look and feel of vintage china, there are ways you can incorporate it into your wedding day. Use mix and match sets of china for your place settings, serve your cake on vintage saucers or use cups in your centerpieces or as favors.

I’ve done a round up of some cute pieces I found on Etsy:


Those adorable little lotus bowls (#2) aren’t really china, but I my mom recently gave me one of these – it belonged to my grandmother and I love it.

Are you incorporating any china into your wedding day? Are you registering for a set of china? Share in the comments! 

Links all from Etsy: 1. here 2. here 3. here 4. here 5. here

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