DIY Vintage Postcard Escort Cards

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a DIY on the Oh, What Love – not because I’m not DIYing, because I’m usually DIYing my projects last minute or forget to bring my camera long with me while I’m working on my projects.

Today’s DIY is one I’ve been wanting to share for a while. I collect vintage postcards and scoop them up whenever I can. I’ve got enough inventory now that I can start doing some projects with them and I’m beyond excited about it!


I love the idea of using vintage postcards in your wedding – it brings a bit of the past back into present day and have the perfect graphics to add some color and design to your day. And I think paring these escort cards with brown bottles creates a perfect display for a small gathering.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

– A Variety of Vintage Postcards
– Gold Washi Tape
– A Thin fMarker or Pen

For the Display: 

– An Assortment of Bottles
– Small Binder Clips (I used gold clips)


The Steps: 

1. Cut or tear a strip of washi tape and place it around the bottom of the bottom of the postcard.

2. Write your guest’s name on the washi tape, along with the table number.

3. If you’re making the display, style your bottles so the larger bottles are in the middle and the smaller bottles are on the outside.

4. Squeeze the binder clip hinges together so they fit into a the top of the bottle. The clamp part with stay open a bit, so your postcard will sit in the clip.

5. Place your cards in the opened binder clips!



Super fun and simple, right? This would also be great for your Thanksgiving get together!


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