DIY Vintage Book Page & Lavender Wedding Toss

Since lots of ceremony locations no longer allow tossing of rice as the bride and groom exit, and bubbles is becoming overdone, I love the idea of a lavender toss for a rustic wedding exit.


Today I’m showing you a simple DIY project using old book pages and lavender – it’s pretty and smells wonderful too!


What You’ll Need: 

– 100 -200 Pages from an old book (One or two books should have all the pages you need)
– Utility knife
– Clear tape
– Patterned washi tape
– Lavender buds (you can buy them here)

What You’ll Do:

1. Using your utility knife, carefully cut the pages out of your old book, slicing along the spine in the front and back covers to removed the block of pages, then cutting off the binding. After the pages are removed, clean up the edge you cut from the binding with a paper cutter or scissors.


2. Starting in the bottom right corner, start rolling the page into a cone shape, keeping your left hand fingers pinched tight at the bottom so it is slender at the bottom and flutes out at the top.


3. Once you have a cone shape you’re happy with, apply a piece  of clear tape along the side where the book page ends. To dress it up a bit, add a piece of patterned washi tape over the clear tape.


4. Fill 1/2 of the cone with lavender buds, display in wooden or metal boxes and get ready to toss!


So simple and so pretty, right? I love the way the book pages add a little bit of extra detail to this DIY, and you can’t beat the calming smell of lavender.

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Have a great Wednesday!

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