Woo Hoo! Today is a day I've been dreaming about since last summer - a roadtrip down to Texas to do some pickin'! When you own an antique store, you get a little bit tired of finding the same old stuff you always find, so my husband, brother and sister-in-law and I are taking a flea market trip down to Dallas, Austin, Houston & San Antonio - and depending on the weather we might even ma[...]
I've talked about it a lot and have shared tons of Instagram photos for my new endeavor, but today I'm finally revealing my new business for real! In March, my brother, sister-in-law, hubby and I were talking and decided we should open an another antique mall in our town, and who would have thought we would actually put the plan into action! But here we are, less than 2 months later at our g[...]
SUCH A BUSY WEEK! You guys, my life is insane right now... it's unbelievable. From store openings to new houses and trying to sell our current home, my instagram feed sure does fill up with pictures. Here's a few from this week: Did you see that yellow barn? That's in my new backyard! And the news came to do a segment on our new store! Check it out here.
I had other Instagram pictures from this week, but the only few that seemed important were these two: Because friends, the most important thing that happened this week was getting the keys to our building! We're opening the Antique Cartel in just over a month, so we've got a lot of work to do in the next few weeks :) Head on over to Facebook to keep up to date on our progress! Click here[...]