If you're like me, you love giving (and getting!) gift cards - I like knowing that I can buy someone their favorite coffee at Starbucks or the mug they've at Anthropologie but haven't told anyone about. What I don't love is those cardboard sleeves that come with them that most stores (with the exception of Anthro.. helloooo adorable gift cards!). We're fixing that problem today with a new [...]
I've been re-inspired by Pinterest lately, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds lately. Some are for my antique store, some are wedding related and some inspire me in every day living. That bedroom is to-die-for, right? Links: Ring Boxes | Typewriter & Vintage Stuff | Mini Cakes | Jacket | Bedroom | Lace Installation
I got the chance to visit a BHLDN (if you aren't familiar with this store, look it up and make all your dreams come true) over the weekend in Chicago. It was the most magical place I have ever been, and I have been daydreaming about wedding dresses ever since!! I won't blabber on about how awesome wedding dresses are, I mean... we know! I'll sit here quietly while you jump for joy over this dr[...]
I don't have to tell you that your wedding dress will be a huge part of your big day - but don't forget to accessorize that beauty with some fantastic shoes! Shoes can say a lot more than you might think - and they can set the tone for your ceremony and following reception. Do you want your ceremony to be formal and fancy, then pick out a pair of sky high sparkly numbers and own that queen-[...]
Nearly every wedding these days has some element of DIY - even if you are not the most crafty, you can still interject a little self made creativity into your special day. I love a good wedding DIY but lately I have been seeing a lot of the same old ideas bouncing around the internet. I wanted to share a few of the more unique ideas I have seen recently and I love the simple elegance of these [...]
Your wedding is going to be a reflection of your style and fun, so why wouldn't your wedding ring be the same? I love when people have a great engagement story, but I love it even more when the ring has a story too! While timeless classics are always lovely, the wave of non-traditional rings surfacing these days really makes me happy. I am a huge fan of vintage rings, but these beauties wou[...]
Your wedding invitation is just a piece of paper, right? Wrong. Your wedding invite is your guest's first impression of what your wedding day will be all about. Having an outdoor rustic wedding? Or a sweet and minimal ceremony filled with simple, sweet, love? Your invite can reflect that and be a great extension of your big day! Wedding invites are getting more fun and personal these days, [...]
It is no secret that your wedding day will fly by. One second you will be walking down the aisle, and before you know it, the band will be calling for the last dance and you are left wishing the party could go on forever.  On that special day, it is so important to make memories. i know you will remember the day, but little moments will get fuzzier as time passes. A ll of my favorite pictur[...]
Every time I get the chance to attend someone's big day, I always make note of the special little touches. A handmade piece of decor, or a cute little detail that only friends of the bride and groom would understand always makes me enjoy the event that much more. The details are always what make a wedding truly special in my eyes. The live flower gift tags, or the wooden banner proclaiming the[...]
I am so completely in love with the surge of twenties style that is happening thanks to the recent release of the Great Gatsby. If you spent the last week dreaming of wearing jewel encrusted headpieces, then we are totally on the same page! The twenties are one of my favorite eras for fashion and I can't wait to see the new film. The geometric shapes, the feathers, the jewels, - it is hard not[...]