A few weeks ago, we closed on our new home. Because we're still waiting to officially sell our current home, we have had the luxury to take our time moving. Being able to choose paint colors and decide on furniture layouts without having all of our stuff in the rooms has been really nice. One room I can't wait to decorate - the new nursery. We're pretty sure we're having another boy, and as so[...]
  Yesterday I was going through my phone trying to figure out how to get more free space and I came across some videos I took in the first few months of Holden's life. It's crazy to think that just a few months ago he slept most of the day and kicking his feet was the most active he was. His sweet little babbles and funny faces nearly brought me to tears - time truly is fleeting, and I[...]
I never truly understood how fleeting time was until I became a mom. Some days seem like they creep along slowly, while others fly by and I wonder what I accomplished. Then all of the sudden it's Friday and I can't remember where the days went. Although my to-do list is a mile long with no end in sight, I'm trying to take time out of my day to appreciate the little things, namely Ho[...]
Am I biased? Yes. But I'm gonna go ahead and say I have one pretty darn cute babe. Sunday marks 3 months of life with him, and I can't remember what life was like before him (okay, I can.. it was filled with free time, Netflix marathons and SLEEP). Some milestones we're dealing with: Smiles and almost laughs. Fist sucking like it's his job. Following us with his eyes when we walk around [...]
If you've checked out my Insta feed lately, you've been bombarded with baby. But as a new mom, I just can't help it! The cuteness is overwhelming, and the stuff I find for this kid is outta control.. like these baby Minnetonka Moccs I picked up for him over the weekend, and the fabric for these hats I've been sewing for him. My favorite picture this week though was this one I snapped while he w[...]
Last weekend my sister-in-law, sister and bf threw me an absolutely adorable baby shower - I can't get over how much detail and planning was put into it and I love how it turned out! The venue was perfection, there is a farm just outside of town that used to do craft shows and flea markets, and the owner has since used it as a venue for weddings and parties. My sister-in-law reached out to the [...]