You know what I love about a new year? The clean slate we seem to get. Once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, it's like all of the troubles and struggles from the past year are wiped away, and you have a chance to start fresh again. Two things I usually do: a) rejoin the gym (which usually lasts no more than 3 months) and b) geek out about my new planner. I'm an office supply a[...]
When my husband knocked down 2 walls in our house a few years back to redesign our kitchen and add in a dining room, it left us with one less bedroom in our only 2 (technically) bedroom home. We had added an extra room in the basement and redid a room off our huge bedroom as an office. We're going to do some more remodeling this fall and winter, and one of the things I am looking forward to the[...]
What a better way to start off the New Year than to do a fun little giveaway! That's right! I'm giving away this adorable little planner from Poteko. So fun, right? All you have to do to enter is a leave a comment with your biggest goal for 2013 in the comments section. The contest will run through next Friday, January 11th. I'll announce the winner on this post! Super simple, right? [...]
You guys - it's almost 2013! Can you believe it? I love this time of year because I get to pick out a shiny, crisp, blank planner to start the new year off right. I love filling it with important dates and plans for the year, it's my favorite thing to do between Christmas and New Year's Eve. These little planners are perfect for writing your important things in - whether it be meetings with [...]
I haven't done a downloadable in a loonnng time, so I felt it was time to create something fun just for you dears! I've created a cute little to do list for you to print out each day - just to keep you on track with your goals and tasks. Click here to download. I've set it up so you could print out 2 on one sheet of letter sized paper. Download and share as much as you want! Have a [...]
I'm in love with gold right now, I want to add little gold details to everything - from outfits to decor to my planner (I have gold striped washi tape + I'm obsessed with it!). So, when I get my own office space someday, I have no doubt that I'll be throwing some gold details in there too. Here are some ideas: I mean, right? I want that quote inlaid in the floor of my office in guilded gold. S[...]
It's no lie that I like to find things around me and use them for inspiration - that's the reason I tear so many things out of magazines and order paper samples like its my job, and that's why I'm so obsessed with Pinterest. Having a visual representation of what I'm feeling or thinking gets me so excited - almost to the point of giddiness. I love to see collections of ideas and forming them into[...]
Pinterest has become my best friend for finding amazing inspiration for my home and an office I'm going to have someday... I have stumbled upon some pretty amazing spaces lately. Today I'm sharing some office inspired goodness that I've fallen in love with lately - clipboards. How fun are these for organization? Use em for inspiration boards, ways to keep projects organized or just for decoratio[...]
Thank you SO much to all of you who Liked the Oh What Love Facebook Page and tweeted about this contest - you are all wonderful! The winners are: Ciera and Cindy!  You guys were seriously great. If you didn't win, don't worry - I'm doing another giveaway in February! To the winners - I'll be emailing you later today. Thanks again + have a lovely day! xo. Mariah - - - - - - - - - - -
Like I mentioned yesterday, planning out and writing down the things I need to do is SUPER helpful for me when I am trying to kick butt and get something done, so today I'm sharing with you 2 of my favorite tools for doing this. And actually, both of these tips came from one of my favorite bloggers - Laura Roeder. Get on her list to get weekly updates on how to create fame for yourself online. M[...]