Autumn is in full swing. Our front porch is filled with pumpkins and our nights are gathered around the wood burning fireplace in our new house. For the first time ever, I have embraced decorating for the season and with that comes a fresh new Spotify playlist of songs to fit the feel of Autumn. And today I'm sharing that playlist with you! There are some new songs and some old ones, and t[...]
Are you looking for the sweetest song on the planet for your wedding playlist? Seriously, look no further than Life is Better with You by Michael Franti. Being alone is fine, but being alone with someone else that you love is even better. And that's what's so perfect about this song. Life isn't always adventure and passion, sometimes it's quiet downtime and being alone. But being alone wit[...]
Any music by Dallas Green or City and Colour is wonderful, but when one of their songs is fitting for Music Monday, you better believe I’m gonna use it! Today’s song – The Girl – is so perfect for your wedding playlist. It starts out slow and then grows into a great beat, and the lyrics are lovely. It’s such a sweet tribute to your love, and it’s perfect for Mother’s Day too, don’t you[...]
I'm a song-stockpiler. I save up all these songs, create playlists around them and then listen to them endlessly, and Vance Joy happens to be on most of those playlists. Namely Fire and the Flood by Mr. Joy. Such a lovely song with wonderful lyrics that is 100% fit for your indie wedding playlist. It's about being content and happy when you are with the one you love, which is how love s[...]
How lovely was your Valentine's Day, my dear? Did you spend it with your love listening to your favorite love songs and gifting each other chocolates and flowers? If so, then I hope Hold You In My Arms by Ray Lamontagne was on your playlist, because it's a good one. That's why it's today's Music Monday! In my eyes, Ray Loamontagne can do no wrong when it comes to wedding songs. And this one[...]
Today I'm sharing another throwback to the 2000s with Music Monday: The Everglow by Mae     This was one of my favorites when I first started dating my husband. Such sweet lyrics make it perfect for your wedding playlist. I remember adding it to every mixed CD that I could at the time, and I even wanted to name a baby girl after the bane. For the record, Mae is a pretty cute name, r[...]
Are you having a lovely Monday, dear? I hope so, and if you aren't, today's wedding music Monday may cheer you up. It's No Matter Where You Are by Us the Duo and it's such an upbeat and fun love song. It's a song about having each other's back, no matter what. What's more perfect than that? Such lovely lyrics and a great song for your wedding reception playlist - it'd be a fun song t[...]
Today's Music Monday is another throwback to the 2000's when Glory Us by Acceptance came out and I was IN LOVE with the song. Such a great beat and lovely lyrics to match! This song starts out slowly and build so wonderfully, making it the perfect slow dance song for your indie wedding playlist. Plus, since it's a throwback that not everyone has heard, you're guests will love this refreshin[...]
Do you ever have those songs where as soon as you hear them, you're instantly transported back to a certain place in time and you feel like you're there all over again? That's how I am with a few songs by Straylight Run, namely this one - The Tension and the Terror. I started listening to Straylight Run in the fall of 2004 when I first met my hubby. We would spend hours just laying in his bed (at [...]
Happy New Year, my love! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, I took a much needed break from most work and am back on track designing & blogging. Today's wedding song is Tee Shirt by Birdy and it's a lovely tune for your reception playlist. It's from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and is so sweetly written - it would work very well for a first dance song or as the song you walk down t[...]