During college, I bartended at a restaurant that featured tons of flavor infused drinks. They were works of art, really - think strawberry and basil, sage and blueberry and elderflower and champagne. The flavors of the ingredients mixed together really made me appreciate different liqueurs and wines paired with fresh produce. One of my favorites to make - sangria. Today I'm sharing another [...]
The Old Fashioned is a classic drink recipe that dates back to the early 1800's and consists of cherries, oranges, sugar, bitters, water and whiskey. It's a perfect signature cocktail for a vintage or southern wedding, don't you think? Here's the recipe: While I can't stomach whiskey, it sounds delicious - doesn't it? Cocktail Image via Creative-Culinary.com
Strawberries add a fun twist to every party - and mixing them with flavored moonshine and some lemon lime soda create the most delicious and refreshing drink ever! At my house, we've already tried three of the six flavored moonshines from Midnight Moon, we love using them as mixers for drinks. Here's the latest Lovely Libation recipe: Doesn't that sound good? Image via KEHN 14
When I worked as a bartender at one of the best Italian restaurants in town I was introduced to St. Germain. The packaging of this liqueur alone made me fall in love, and the art deco style bottle was beyond gorgeous. And then I tasted it. An Elderflower liqueur, St. Germain was so delicious mixed with champagne and we served up St. Germain & Champagne cocktails all day long. Today I'm [...]
Hooray! It's July 10, which means I'm officially a year older today. And I may just have to celebrate with one of today's Lovely Libations! July is prime season for watermelon, and I really just can't get enough of it on a hot summer day. So today's libation is a Strawberry Watermelon Cooler, which would be perfect for your bright and cheery mid summer wedding, right? Doesn't that[...]
I'm fresh back from Texas and was 100% inspired by the south with today's Lovely Libation. I mean, who doesn't love an ice cold glass of sweet iced tea? If you're having any sort of rustic wedding, consider doing signatured iced tea drinks for your guests. Set up your bar area with different already made spiked tea, and allow guests to add their own flavors & garnishes to create one of [...]
Ready for another signature cocktail? Okay, good! Today's Lovely Libation is a Blueberry Lemonade Spritzer, which is perfect for a summer wedding! The refreshing taste of lemonade with a burst of blueberry flavor would be a wonderful signature cocktail and one that all sorts of guests could enjoy. Doesn't that sound soo refreshing right now? Go make one! Image From: Chrisman Studi[...]
Hooray for new contributors! Today I'd love for you to welcome Michelle Pino to the Oh, What Love team - she'll be contributing some lovely signature drink recipes each month! Take it away, Michelle! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Weddings are especially perfect for sharing with those closest to you all the tastes and ideas that make you unique and to help them s[...]