Happy Friday everyone! Do you have fun plans for the weekend? I know I'll be working my life away on a huge project that is launching soon + relaxing a bit before April comes - SO much wedding fun is going to be happening in April and May and I can hardly wait. Today I am sharing with you a lovely engagement photo I found  done by Di Bezi Photography. Here's why I love this photo so much: It [...]
It's no lie that I like to find things around me and use them for inspiration - that's the reason I tear so many things out of magazines and order paper samples like its my job, and that's why I'm so obsessed with Pinterest. Having a visual representation of what I'm feeling or thinking gets me so excited - almost to the point of giddiness. I love to see collections of ideas and forming them into[...]
Yay! Today I'm heading to Minneapolis to spend the weekend with my lovely high school bffs - I can't wait for a much needed getaway of vintage shopping and laughing for no reason at all. One thing we might do? Tour a well-known letterpress shop in Minneapolis (not sure which one!). This makes me super excited, I've only been to one other letterpress shop, and that was Hatch Show Print in Nashvil[...]
Ever since we moved into our house 3.5 years ago, I've always struggled with what to put on the walls. We've tried big canvases and metal artwork, but after a year or so I feel like our style has changed majorly and I don't like what we have up there anymore. Pinterest has been my go to place for finding ideas for what to do with our walls, and here are a few things I think I'm going to try: [...]
Pinterest has become my best friend for finding amazing inspiration for my home and an office I'm going to have someday... I have stumbled upon some pretty amazing spaces lately. Today I'm sharing some office inspired goodness that I've fallen in love with lately - clipboards. How fun are these for organization? Use em for inspiration boards, ways to keep projects organized or just for decoratio[...]
When I'm at a loss for inspiration, all I have to do is take one look at photographer Jose Villa's blog and I am fully inspired again. There aren't words for how breathtaking his photographic style is...   There are tons more beautiful photos on his site. You should head there now. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!   - - -  
Here's the absolute truth - I'm never going to be the most neat/tidy/organized person in the world... it's just not gonna happen for me. I'm the daughter of 2 people who just can't throw stuff away. My parents are collectors, and I've got some of that in my genes too. Instead of being the most organized person, I'd rather have styled clutter kind of like Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest has. Bonnie [...]
One reason I love being a home owner - you can do whatever you want to the house. There is no one to tell you that you can't put holes in the walls, paint the walls or tear down the walls for that matter (which is why I also like having a handy husband!). With lots of projects going on in our house, we are always looking for inspiration for our next room remodel. And since we've started going to[...]
On this Love/List Friday, I am going to share one of my favorite photos. I am constantly finding gorgeous, fun or super touching photos on Pinterest, and when I found this one my heart melted a bit. The first look between a man and his bride to be on their wedding day is so special, and the first time the groom sees his bride looking more beautiful than she ever has before can be very emotional.[...]
I express my love for letterpress often on my blog, getting my letterpress machines up and running is even on my list of things to do this year. So once a month, I will be sharing my Love/List of things letterpressed. Today, it's in the details. If you don't want to splurge on an entirely letterpressed invitation suite but still want the uniqueness of letterpress, having smaller details letterp[...]