When my husband knocked down 2 walls in our house a few years back to redesign our kitchen and add in a dining room, it left us with one less bedroom in our only 2 (technically) bedroom home. We had added an extra room in the basement and redid a room off our huge bedroom as an office. We're going to do some more remodeling this fall and winter, and one of the things I am looking forward to the[...]
This year, I'm planning on celebrating my birthday all week. And even though it's on Wednesday, I'm kicking it off with a giveaway of a few of my favorite things! This chevron wooden flatware and that bow bottle stopper from BHLDN are quickly becoming two of my favorite gifts to give, and these neon red heart totes are one of my favorite DIYs! One lucky winner will be chosen to win al[...]
Justin and I are gearing up for another remodel - this time we're going to break our huge bedroom and office down into 2 smaller bedrooms with a hallway and a huge walk-in closet (thank the Lord!), so I've been eyeing some details on Pinterest that I'd love to incorporate. Here's what I'm loving right now: A: Black, White and Wood: I love everything about that top left picture - and thos[...]
Whoa dearies - it's been a whirlwind week.. First of all, the new website + blog launched! Do you like? I'm still adding some stuff to them but I wanted to get it live as soon as I could, mainly because I knew I'd be getting some more site traffic in the next few months. How do I know that, you ask? Mainly because I got 2 MAJOR things booked in early 2013! Number One: I'll be speaking at[...]
There are so so many blogs out there that I wish I had time to read every day, but it's just not possible. I'm trying to make an effort to read a little each week, but even that's hard! Too much going on over here. Today, I'm sharing a few of the blogs I'm loving right now: There you have it! The list of blogs I'm reading most often these days. Leave links[...]
Woo hoo - it's Friday! I hope you've got some fun things planned for this weekend - mine will actually be pretty quiet, thank goodness! I'm hoping to get my 11 mile run in,  get some photos taken of all of our bikes to get online, add some stuff to my Etsy shop and work on my new branding a bit more! Here are some of my favorite links from this week: DIY Hair Powder - definitely tryin[...]
Happy Friday, friends! As part of me quitting my job, one of my goals is to find a letterpress class that will show me the ins and outs of my 2 small machines so I can start making custom cards + invites! To get a basic understanding on how letterpress works, I found an amazing video: Letterpress from Naomie Ross on Vimeo. And here's my round up of studios around the country that teach let[...]
Happy Friday! Last October, I came home from New York City to find 2 massive holes where walls used to be - my husband had decided to start our kitchen remodel while I was away. We desperately needed an update - I mean look at that sconce above the sink! Totally not our style. After 3 long months with a makeshift kitchen set up in my laundry room, I finally got my new kitchen and I'm sharing a f[...]
I've always been a girlie girl, but as Justin and I remodel and decorate our home, I'm finding that we definitely lean towards more masculine colors and design - we've got lots of dark wood and grey elements in our home. And I must say, I'm loving it! Our home is decorated with vintage pieces we find at flea markets and auctions, and it really shows our style. I've found lots of great design ins[...]