I'm off to the mountains! Tomorrow we leave for Colorado for a family reunion, and I'm so excited to return to my favorite state. Each year we try to visit Colorado, and in the last nine years I think we've been 8 times. We considered moving there at one point too. I think what I love most is the fresh air, the cool nights and warm days and basking in nature's beauty. And the lack of int[...]
  Yesterday I was going through my phone trying to figure out how to get more free space and I came across some videos I took in the first few months of Holden's life. It's crazy to think that just a few months ago he slept most of the day and kicking his feet was the most active he was. His sweet little babbles and funny faces nearly brought me to tears - time truly is fleeting, and I[...]
  On Friday I entered the last year of my 20s, which kind of terrifies me but also has me eager to know what's in store for the years to come. Each year that passes seems to be better than the last but so different from the one before it as well. There have been so many changes in my business and my life in the last three years - I never dreamed that once I quit my full time design [...]
Happy holiday weekend, friends! 'Knee High by the 4th of July' - that's always been the phrase of the summer for as long as I can remember. It refers to how high the corn should be by July, and when your dad runs detasseling crews in the summertime, the height of the corn was a big determinant on when he was going to be out of the house for a few weeks so my brother and sister and best frie[...]
During college, I bartended at a restaurant that featured tons of flavor infused drinks. They were works of art, really - think strawberry and basil, sage and blueberry and elderflower and champagne. The flavors of the ingredients mixed together really made me appreciate different liqueurs and wines paired with fresh produce. One of my favorites to make - sangria. Today I'm sharing another [...]
I never truly understood how fleeting time was until I became a mom. Some days seem like they creep along slowly, while others fly by and I wonder what I accomplished. Then all of the sudden it's Friday and I can't remember where the days went. Although my to-do list is a mile long with no end in sight, I'm trying to take time out of my day to appreciate the little things, namely Ho[...]
Am I biased? Yes. But I'm gonna go ahead and say I have one pretty darn cute babe. Sunday marks 3 months of life with him, and I can't remember what life was like before him (okay, I can.. it was filled with free time, Netflix marathons and SLEEP). Some milestones we're dealing with: Smiles and almost laughs. Fist sucking like it's his job. Following us with his eyes when we walk around [...]
This time of year I get stir crazy - I wanna get in the car and go somewhere. Luckily, I'm heading down to Florida in a handful of days, it'll be interesting doing a 20 hour road trip with a 3 month old, but  I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. As I was looking through some old files, I found photos from Alt Summit in June. I had a the pleasure of speaking on a panel at Alt again, and af[...]
Did you know I'm a Pinning Pro for Better Homes and Gardens? Each week I pin to two of their Pinterest boards, and one of them is Blogger's Best Entertaining and Wedding Ideas.   I love this board because it's filled with fun ideas for weddings and parties, and my jaw almost dropped after I saw this image that was pinned by a fellow Pinning Pro. It's a bohemian gemstone styled shoot by [...]
Some songs just fit certain seasons, and it's the same thing with bands for me. I have memories tied to different artists in different seasons, and I love making playlists of those songs to listen to all season long. I've created another seasonal playlist, and I'm sharing it with you! It’s a Spotify playlist, and it’s embedded right into this post, you can head on over to Spotify and fol[...]