I'm constantly inspired by great invitation suites -  colors, layout and accompanying pieces that all work together to create a beautiful set of wedding invitations gets me every. single. time. Here are a few examples of my favorite suites right now. The illustrations on the top left, the feathers on the top right, and geometrics on the bottom left and the script and imagery on the botto[...]
Happy Friday, friends! As part of me quitting my job, one of my goals is to find a letterpress class that will show me the ins and outs of my 2 small machines so I can start making custom cards + invites! To get a basic understanding on how letterpress works, I found an amazing video: Letterpress from Naomie Ross on Vimeo. And here's my round up of studios around the country that teach let[...]
This week my hubby and I took a big step in fulfilling our dreams - we went and looked at a 100 year old building to possibly buy and turn into an antique shop! The building currently has renters - there is commercial space on the main level that is occupied by a printing company and an gorgeous apartment upstairs. As we toured the main level, a 91 year old man sat in the print shop running his l[...]
Hello there lovlies - are you ready for the weekend? My brother is getting married tomorrow, so there is a full weekend of festivities ahead for me, including laughing too hard with my sister, taking too many photos in the photobooth and dancing the night away. It should be a good time. Last time I talked about letterpress I mentioned that I was headed to Minneapolis + was going to take a tour of[...]
Yay! Today I'm heading to Minneapolis to spend the weekend with my lovely high school bffs - I can't wait for a much needed getaway of vintage shopping and laughing for no reason at all. One thing we might do? Tour a well-known letterpress shop in Minneapolis (not sure which one!). This makes me super excited, I've only been to one other letterpress shop, and that was Hatch Show Print in Nashvil[...]
When I found out last year that a letterpress app was being created for the iPad, I about died. If you've read my blog, you know that I'm in love with the look of letterpress and and have bought 2 small letterpress machines in hopes of learning and starting up a stationary shop. When I discovered LetterMPress, I got super excited. The video below explains it all...   They now have an app[...]
I express my love for letterpress often on my blog, getting my letterpress machines up and running is even on my list of things to do this year. So once a month, I will be sharing my Love/List of things letterpressed. Today, it's in the details. If you don't want to splurge on an entirely letterpressed invitation suite but still want the uniqueness of letterpress, having smaller details letterp[...]
I love the look and feel of wood type. I love to think about the history it holds, and I love the way each print you make with it is different from the last. So it's no surprise that I also love it when people decorate with wood type. Here are some of my favorites: I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my husband make me a desk that will fit a printer's box. And how cool is the coffee table?  [...]
Even though I haven't got my letterpress machines all fixed up and ready to use yet, my love of letterpress lives on. And ever since I saw a little letterpress calendar in a magazine. I've been dying to get one. How gorgeous is this? A dip dyed, hand pressed calendar by Parrott Design Studio on Etsy is absolute perfection and would make a perfect gift. Until I can create my own, I'll have to [...]
When it comes to stationary, there are two things I can can't get enough of: Letterpress and Calligraphy. So when I saw these.... *swoon*   These letterpressed calligraphy invites by Linda & Harriett and gorgeous. I cannot wait to get new rollers for my letterpress machine and get started learning how to print on them so I can start creating something as gorgeous as these. Have a lovely [...]