It's no lie that I like to find things around me and use them for inspiration - that's the reason I tear so many things out of magazines and order paper samples like its my job, and that's why I'm so obsessed with Pinterest. Having a visual representation of what I'm feeling or thinking gets me so excited - almost to the point of giddiness. I love to see collections of ideas and forming them into[...]
Pinterest has become my best friend for finding amazing inspiration for my home and an office I'm going to have someday... I have stumbled upon some pretty amazing spaces lately. Today I'm sharing some office inspired goodness that I've fallen in love with lately - clipboards. How fun are these for organization? Use em for inspiration boards, ways to keep projects organized or just for decoratio[...]
Today's the day my loves! Today my guest post about turning your Passion into Profit is going up on Design*Sponge's Biz Ladies section! I share lots of great, actionable advice about how to turn your hobbies into a full time job + I created a downloadable worksheet to go with the post (it's super cute!). You should definitely hop on over there and leave me some comment love - I'd love that :) [...]