You know that thing where you find something lovely and then you want to order it in every color and make everyone around you order some too? That's how I felt after I got my first package from Bellame Ribbon Co. I did a styled shoot back in September with Lindsay from Chevrons & Champagne and Sarah Sunstrom Photography and as I was styling the invitation suite I designed, Lindsay pulle[...]
Don't you love mix and match pieces? This weekend I'm styling a wedding for a friend, and we decided on mixing and matching elegant vintage silver pieces with brass and gold pieces and mercury glass. I'm going to do layers of doilies, silver trays and cake stands and mixed heights of silver, gold, glass and brass pieces - all of which are available for rent for your own wedding or party. You can f[...]
October is here and it has me all excited for cooler weather, sweaters & beanies! In Iowa, it usually means 60 & 70 degree weather, football, crunching leaves and a random bout of snow somewhere in there. I love it! Because it's my favorite month, I thought I'd do an Oh, What Love Fall Favorites Giveaway! I'm giving away some of my favorite things:  - An Anthropologie Mini Capri [...]
I have a weak spot for 1920's cameras, so when this one made it's way into my store I had to snatch it up before someone else did! This one is a Kodak No. 2 Folding Cartridge Premo. It was made between 1916 to the mid 1920's and was designed for the amateur photographer. It's amazing to me that something that is 100 years old with so many intricate parts is still in tact and usable a[...]
Happy Thursday Friends! Did you know I just added Vintage Rentals to my list of services? I have some fun collections that I'll now be renting out for weddings and events. For now I just have six categories - milk glass, burlap wrapped mason jars, brass cattle tags, globes, wooden boxes and brown bottles - but I have a lot more that I'm able to rent out depending on the time of year/what[...]
Isn't there something so great about antique skeleton keys? There's so much possibility about who they belonged to and what they opened - that's what I love about most antiques. They have a story. I picked these up at an estate sale last week, they were in with a bunch of old locks and I knew I had to have them. They're perfect for projects, weddings or just to hang at home, I have some han[...]
Owning an antique store you come across interesting stuff - and lots of it. And you want to take most of it home with you, so you tend to have lots of collections. For me it's jars, milk glass, little signs and knick knacks and - one of my newest collections - globes. Its so fun to scour shops for a globe I don't have, and adding a new one to the collection is exciting. I've only got five right[...]
Nothing says spring more to me than light and airy decor and pure white milk glass. I've been collection milk glass for a while and have curated over 200 pieces, so showcasing my collection and being able to rent it out to others for their celebrations is something I want to get going on this year. I love this quick little shoot - handmade anemones in shades of purple paired with milk glass is [...]
Ever since my husband and I started going to auctions and finding antiques to stock our booth and store with, we've found ourselves starting all sorts of collections. He collects vintage shaving items, tie clips, and scales, and I collect cameras, typewriters, spice shakers, postcards and cake plates. We love the hunt - searching through antique stores and sales for another piece to add to your[...]