As a graphic designer, most of the wedding work I do is invitations and signage. And fonts are big part of making the whole invitation suite cohesive and well put together. Today I'm sharing with you the fonts that I cannot live without right now and the perfect way to use each one! My favorites: 1. Katie Rose:  This font has been my go to calligraphy style font lately. I love the[...]
When I got married, I had one major stipulation for my wedding dress (well two if you count the fact that it had to have a big old bow) - lace, and lots of it. I've always thought the look of lace is so romantic and classy, so why not incorporate lots of lace detail into your wedding theme? Here's my vision: Soft tones of white and subtle hints of lace throughout - perfect, right?  I[...]
Because I work on lots of wedding invitations, one question I get a lot is whether or not the bride and groom should do traditional RSVPs or just have their guests email with their response. Today I'll talk about the pros and cons of each! Traditional RSVP Pros: - Makes your invitation suite look more formal - Easy to keep track of cards once they're sent back to you - Possibility of ge[...]
Q: Where can I find vintage pieces for my wedding?  When you're planning your wedding, your dealing with a budget - and buying a bunch of vintage pieces to use in your decor can get a little bit pricey if you're looking at antique stores in your area. There are few less expensive ways to go vintage with your wedding: Flea Markets, Auctions and Renting Pieces. Flea Markets: Flea mark[...]
Whew! In just the past few weeks, so many fun opportunities and possible collaborations have popped up. It's gonna be a big year. And since the good things are happening, I want to make the Oh, What Love better for my readers. That's why I want to work with other vendors through features, giveaways and guest posts. So, here's what I'm looking for:  - Etsy shops to partner with on give[...]
One of the things I was looking forward to the most about Alt Summit was the Photo Styling class I had signed up for. I was a little bit bummed because I had packed my DSLR and brought it with me to the class, but forgot all my SD cards in the hotel room (which was a 20 minute cab ride away). So I had to settle for setting up and then shooting with my iPhone. The girls from Confetti Pop [...]
You guys, I can't even believe that last week is over. For months and months I couldn't see past January 24th, and now it's the 29th and I can hardly process everything that happened at Alt Summit. I planned and planned like crazy, and the planning paid off. My first speaking gig (at a HUGE conference, no less) - checked off my list. While I was nervous and only slept 3 hours the [...]
I'm baaaack! After flight delays, ice, snow and thunderstorms, I am home from Salt Lake City. And it feels good. You guys, Alt Summit was a whirlwind - so much fun but made me appreciate home + the simple things in life too. Like being able to get from point A to point B without spending $30 on a cab. And listening to music all day long like I do everyday. I'll be recapping different [...]
Welcome to the brand spakin' new column on the Oh, What Love blog - Hint Hint. The first Wednesday of every month I'll be answering questions that you might have about planning your wedding decor, deciding on invites and other wedding related things. This month's Q: Why do I need a wedding planner or stylist?  First of all, I want to distinguish the differences between a wedding plann[...]