There are SO many gorgeous hair accessories made specifically for weddings, and with the internet it is so much easier to find an amazing, one of a kind piece at a decent price. Etsy is an awesome place to start your search - you can find anything from vintage and sparkly to fun or homespun. Here are a few of my favorites right now: Hadley Hairpiece: $39.00 Featuring three ivory dupioni silk r[...]
Today's an oldie but goodie - Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. This is one of my favorite songs from the 90's - after all of the 'NSYNC songs of course :) I think I like it so much because my family was always big on music, and Eric Clapton was always playing in our house, he was one of my dad's favorites. That's why I used this song as my dance with him, but I think it would be an amazing fir[...]
Fridays on the blog are going to be a mix of misc. things, but today I want it to be about a lovely photo I found while searching around the wedding web. It's from Jose Villa, and it is gorge-ous. I love the faded look and the way you can't clearly see them. It makes you feel like you are catching a very special moment between the couple. Love it.    
I can't believe it is finally here, one of my best friends is getting married!  I have had so much fun helping her get ready for her circus themed wedding, and I can't wait to see how everything comes together on Saturday. So happy for that girl :) You can do lots of really fun stuff with a circus themed wedding. The color choices and decoration ideas are endless, so I compiled just a few fun ci[...]
So excited for these.  I created a talk bubble graphic and printed it out, Justin (my loverboy) used that template to cut the shapes out of MDF (type of wood). I added 2 coats of primer and Justin did 3 coats of chalk paint spray paint. Easy, right? I know. These will be perfect props for the photo booth this weekend.
I've been seeing this around the wedding blogs lately and had to try it. This vintage looking paper and fabric garland has a Anthropologie feel to it, which must be why I like it so much! I love the creams, beiges and whites for this, but it would look just as cute with pops of color and pattern. I just made a smaller garland - you'll most likely be making one to fit your own space so I didn't [...]
Yay! Done with the pennant banners, and for my first sewing project in 10 years I think I did a pretty darn good job. Can't wait for a chance to create some other versions of these - pinks, tans and grays would be fun, country type patterns would be fun too! The wedding is this weekend, so I'll have some pics of these babies in action next week!
While Mondays are not always our  favorite day, you can at least count on Music Monday on the Oh, What Love blog.  Today's song is one of my personal favorites and has been for a few years now. Upbeat and cheery, it's perfect for almost any type of wedding: Such Great Heights by The Postal Service I envision this song as the song you play when you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife or[...]
I have always wanted to learn how to run a letterpress machine - I finally got Justin on board and he is obsessed! He's been on a letterpress buying binge for a few weeks now and so far he's acquired 2 Kelsey 3x5 presses and multitudes of metal and wood type. For now, we're going to start with making 3x5 cards, but we want to find a bigger machine so we can do invitations! I'm super excited... h[...]
My sister-in-law is getting married next July, she's having a country picnic theme. I have been searching for ideas! Here's a bit of what I found: Here are the links: Top (left to right): Table from ; Chalk Paint Jars from ; Truck Photo by Jose Villa Bottom (left to right): Poppie Belt Photograph by Ditte Isager;  Picnic Table Scene from Adreienne and Col[...]