The popularity of industrial style is growing thanks to retailers like Restoration Hardware, and couples are incorporating an industrial feel into their weddings by hosting them in loft spaces, old brick venues or factory-turned-venue spaces. I pulled together some inspiration for a Copper and Concrete Industrial Wedding on the My Wedding Favors blog and I love how the details all pulled together [...]
It's springtime and the floral trend is huge and growing. Floral bridesmaid dresses and weddings themed solely around big blooms are recurring dreams of mine, so I fell in love when I saw that floral cakes were trending as well. If you are hosting a floral inspired wedding, then don't leave out the details on the most delicious detail of the day. While your baker can add fresh flowers to the ca[...]
I'm a song-stockpiler. I save up all these songs, create playlists around them and then listen to them endlessly, and Vance Joy happens to be on most of those playlists. Namely Fire and the Flood by Mr. Joy. Such a lovely song with wonderful lyrics that is 100% fit for your indie wedding playlist. It's about being content and happy when you are with the one you love, which is how love s[...]
How lovely was your Valentine's Day, my dear? Did you spend it with your love listening to your favorite love songs and gifting each other chocolates and flowers? If so, then I hope Hold You In My Arms by Ray Lamontagne was on your playlist, because it's a good one. That's why it's today's Music Monday! In my eyes, Ray Loamontagne can do no wrong when it comes to wedding songs. And this one[...]
Back in August I ordered a new agenda from and have been obsessed with the brand ever since. And since then, I've been seeing products popping up everywhere in stores. The products aren't hard to miss - bright punches of color with fun sayings and bold graphics, it's the signature look of And I'm in love! So today I wanted to do a little Valentine's Day giveaway of somethi[...]
Today I'm sharing another throwback to the 2000s with Music Monday: The Everglow by Mae     This was one of my favorites when I first started dating my husband. Such sweet lyrics make it perfect for your wedding playlist. I remember adding it to every mixed CD that I could at the time, and I even wanted to name a baby girl after the bane. For the record, Mae is a pretty cute name, r[...]
Valentine's Day is right around the corner my dears, and if you're looking for a little something extra for your favorite gal pals or the love of your life, I've got you covered with this cute Valentine's Day printable.   This watercolor inspired 'You are my favorite' print is a super simple and quick gift -  and it's 8 by 10 so it can easily be printed and framed just in time for F[...]
When I first started Oh, What Love Studios, I came up with an offering that helped brides find their wedding style in just 7 days.  It's been a while since I shared the process of finding your style, so today I'm sharing part one of a two part series. Your wedding should not be the same as the wedding held at your venue the week before. It doesn't have to be decorated with floating candles [...]
I'm on a washi tape binge right now and I've been using it in every way I can think of lately.   I've got ideas swirling in my brain on how to use my favorite washi patterns in invitations suites, I can't wait to bring my dream into design reality. For now, I'm sharing my favorite stationery sets that utilize paper tape in fun & creative ways.       How to Use Was[...]
Are you having a lovely Monday, dear? I hope so, and if you aren't, today's wedding music Monday may cheer you up. It's No Matter Where You Are by Us the Duo and it's such an upbeat and fun love song. It's a song about having each other's back, no matter what. What's more perfect than that? Such lovely lyrics and a great song for your wedding reception playlist - it'd be a fun song t[...]