Anthropologie Obsessed.

I can’t help it.

Every time I pass an Anthropologie (which isn’t often, I live in the middle of nowhere), I get giddy. 

The colors, patterns and textures get me every time. I can’t walk out of there without buying SOMETHING.

I was visiting my sister in Nashville a few months back when I realized why I get this way.

I walk into Anthropologie and I’m inspired.

Everything has a handmade, vintage or girly feeling to it, and I instantly want to be wearing every article of clothing in sight.

The displays look like they are made from vintage furniture and the window displays are perfectly crafted.

I want every aspect of my life to look like this 🙂

Anthropologie gives me the motivation to go home and work on a project I’ve been putting off

and gives me ideas for vintage or girly style weddings.

It gives me reassurance that I know who and I am and what I am going to accomplish.

Here are some lovlies for you:

Do any stores inspire you? 

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