An Autumn Playlist from Oh, What Love

OWL-Autumn-14-Playlist In my world, every season has a playlist. Some seasons I follow other’s playlists, some seasons I create my own and listen to them non-stop.
That’s how I am with the newest Oh, What Love Inspired Playlist I just created – it’s gonna be on full blast in my car and while I work, I thought I’d share it with you so you can listen too! There are lots of gems in this playlist – some that I just play over and over again. Some old, some new but all songs I can’t get enough of right now.
It’s a Spotify playlist, and it’s embedded right into this post, you can head on over to Spotify and follow it and it will show up in your playlists sidebar too!

What songs are you playing non-stop lately? Share in the comments!

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