8 Rad Table Runners

When it comes to your wedding tables and centerpieces, there are so many gorgeous ways to dress up the center of the table.

Here are some pretty rad DIY runners – from book pages to live florals, these runners will definitely create a conversation.




1. A DIY Photo Runner: I love this idea because I love vintage photographs. Whether you use authentically antique photos or use your own and make them look old, this is such a wonderful way to customize a party or reception.

2. A Floral and Greenery Runner: Why not take the floral centerpieces a bit further and create a full on floral runner for your tables? Such a fresh, organic look for your day.

3. Book Page Runner: I’ve done lots of DIY with book pages, so this one is gorgeous to me. And it would be such a quick and simple DIY project.

4. Draped and Tied Runner: This is less of a DIY and more of just styling the runner, but I love the fullness in the sides and think this would be very beautiful for a more elegant reception.

5. Moss Table Runner: This one I’ve done and I absolutely loved the result. You can buy sheets of green moss at most craft stores, so this one would be easy to master, but beware that moss can get a little messy!

6. Lace Doily Runner: I’ve dreamed of creating a runner out of doilies, and if you have the materials it wouldn’t take much to create this one either. Such a great look for a vintage or rustic inspired wedding day.

7. Big Bloom Runner: Now THIS is a centerpiece. I’m in love with this one, definitely romantic.

8. Chevron Runner: For a more trendy and poppy wedding day, this table runner would be perfect. It can also be paired so well with bright colors, burlap or linen materials and bring some extra pattern to your party.


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