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Target Registry Must-Haves

Online shopping is an addiction in our household, so picking out some fun things to put on your wedding registry was no chore for me. I've selected some pretty little things from Target for you to add to your registry. From trendy to timeless, you're home will be furnished beautifully with these pieces.   I think I have a thing for mustard, don't I? A lot of great patterns in the[...]

Sorry for the Silence & Music Monday: I and Love and You

You guys, I'm back after a few weeks of silence here on the blog. To be honest, life has been SUPER busy and something had to take a back seat for a while. You see, a few months ago I was evaluating my brand and how much pressure I was putting on blogging, which is something that makes me absolutely no money. I blog because I love sharing wedding ideas, but that's not my main job. It supplement[...]

Music Monday: Compass

Forgot directions on your way Don't close your eyes don't be afraid We might be crazy late at night I can't wait til you arrive Follow stars you'll be alright Okay, I know this song has been blasting through your radio speakers like crazy since it debuted, but I can't get enough of it. It reminds me of summer, drives on the backroads and sunshine on my skin. Plus, it'd be a fun one to da[...]

Perfect for Spring: A Purple and Milk Glass Shoot

Nothing says spring more to me than light and airy decor and pure white milk glass. I've been collection milk glass for a while and have curated over 200 pieces, so showcasing my collection and being able to rent it out to others for their celebrations is something I want to get going on this year. I love this quick little shoot - handmade anemones in shades of purple paired with milk glass is [...]

Music Monday: You Are Everything

  You're the one who looks at me And sees what I was meant to be More than just a beautiful mess This song by Matthew West is so wonderful - it's a Christian song but I love the way it can translate into a love for someone in your life. I often feel like I have two left feet and am lost, but knowing that there is someone there to love you just the same is the best feeling ever. such[...]

Celebrating Everyday Love.

I'm a sucker for great videos, and I'm in love with documenting the everyday (hence my 1 [or more] photo every single day on Instagram for the last few years) through photo or film. How sweet would it be to have a videographer follow you around for an afternoon to film the everyday things you do with your love? That's just what Lumineux did for Small Fry Blog. Check it out, it's their simple[...]