3 Custom Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Flowers are such an important part of your wedding day because they are one thing that end up in almost every wedding photo, and they help distinguish your wedding style. Whether you are having an elegant, upscale wedding with lillies and roses or a homespun, rustic wedding with handpicked flowers, there are ways to add your own personality and style into each bouquet.

I’ve highlighted 3 different ideas for bouquets: Simple, Colorful and Decorative.


Sometimes, less really is more. With these bouquets, I love the monochromatic colors and hot they only incorporate one or two different flower types. They’re gorgeous, right?

1. Robyn Michelle Lee Photography 2. Samm Blake 3. Eric Chin Photograpy 4. Jessamyn Harris

If you’re looking to add a burst of color into your flower choice, then there are lots of options and lots of flowers types you can incorporate. What I love about each of these bouquets is that there are so many different flower types added in and it creates a rustic, vintage look. Total gorgeousness.

1. Ashleigh Taylor Photography 2.Apertura 3.Sargeant Photography

This is an idea that I SO wish I would have incorporated into my wedding. Adding a vintage brooch, a family heirloom such as a hankercheif, burlap or birch bark can add an amazing look to your bouquet. Plus, it’s a great way to get in your something old, new, borrowed or blue.

1. Lane Dittoe 2. Style Me Pretty 3. Images by Lori  4. Paloma’s Nest 5. FluidBloom Flowers



What is your bouquet going to look like? Are you incorporating any vintage element?


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