3 Adorable Uses for Mason Jars

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I love the look of mason jars, I use them for lots of things around my house and used them in my centerpieces for my wedding.

There are tons of ways you can incorporate these blue beauties in your big day, here are a few ideas:

1. As Glassware

Don’t want to rent out glasses from a vendor?

Collect enough mason jars so you have one for each guest and have them use the jar as their glass for the night – it’ll add a bit of country flare to your party.

Don’t worry, not all the jars have to be the same size, shape or color – mix and match jars can look very rustic and fun. 

Bonus: Add a name tag to each jar and have it double as a favor. This also helps people keep track of their jar for the night. 



 2. As Lighting

Isn’t this DIY Chandelier amazing?

Gather clear mason jars with lids. Use an old piece of barnwood as the base. Making sure the jars will be evenly spaced, use a heavy glue to attach the lid to the base. Then drill a hole in each corner of the barn wood and use rope to hang from the ceiling. 

Instead of using real candles, place the battery operated flicker tealights in the jars and screw the jars to lids on the base. 

Pretty simple, and creates a stunning chandelier. 


Another way to use mason jars as lighting is to gather a bunch of smaller jars with canning lids.

Punch an hole in the top of each lid. Insert a string with 2 beads attached to one end to keep the string attached to the jar.

Add battery operated flicker tealight, screw the top on and hang a bunch at varied lengths for a cluster effect.

Looks like a bunch of freflies in a jar, this would be adorable hanging from the trees at an outdoor summer wedding.

 3. As a Vase.

Mason jars are great for holding flowers too.

I love the idea of tying the vase with twine and hanging from porch rafters or trees.

Just make sure they are level when you hang them, you wouldn’t want water spilling everywhere.


There are hundreds of super cute uses for Mason jars. Do you have a favorite?


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